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2 style options
> 500 $
> 12 days
Visual identity
Visual brand identification in a competitive environment. Forms a holistic perception of the brand by consumers

Do you need a visual identity?

If your brand communicates with the client using two or more means of communication, then you need an identity. A uniform communication style will help the client quickly identify you. In the modern world, the user makes a decision to study the content in detail within 2 seconds. If all your messages are in the same style, 2 seconds will be enough for the user to understand who exactly is talking to him.

guideline. Rules for using all elements

What can an identity consist of?

On the example of my project

Photo style

Pattern, texture

Graphic elements

Corporate color



Typography, font



Featured projects

About 86% of information we receive through the eyes
The remaining 14%: sounds, smells, tastes, and so on

Visual identity

Logo design, corporate color and font selection. Graphic elements, pattern, illustrations, icons and photo style. The system of interaction of all elements (guideline)
> 1200 $

Corporate style

Creation of a logo and several (4-5 pcs) media. Such as business cards, letterheads, presentation templates, merchandise design, etc.
> 600 $

The cost of developing an identity

Services and prices

To create a functional and working corporate identity, it is important to go through all the stages in partnership with the client

Development stages
You fill out the brief electronically and we hold an online meeting (skype or zoom)
We start by updating or creating a logo. It will be the basis for the further development of the identity
I am preparing several examples of ready-made corporate styles of other companies so that we can determine which graphic style is close to you.


First stage of development

Reference concepts
Finalization of the concept. You can make some changes or argue why this option does not suit you.

Finalization of the concept

I am preparing a presentation with 5-7 mockups and a description. We approve it in writing.

Concept approval

The output will be: color, font, graphic elements, etc. And an example of their interaction on several media. Duration: 7-14 days
Logo and all identity elements in curves (eps), no background (png), logo on flowers (jpg). Your choice of 5 print or digital layout. Guideline in pdf.

Identity development

Development of a document on the rules for the use and interaction of all elements of visual identity.

Guideline development

Transfer of materials

Within 14 days after the delivery of the project, I will help (consultation) with the adaptation of the identity for free. Advice on printing and any other issues


I am grateful to my clients for honest feedback on my work. They can be read:
- on the Facebook page
- on the Google maps page
We approve the logo
And move on to creating a visual identity for your brand
Competitor analysis
I study logos, color schemes and strengths / weaknesses of competitor graphics
Market analysis
I study your niche and similar companies in the foreign market. I find interesting solutions
Logo development
Logo development consists of two stages. You can see the full process of creating a logo here.
I present you a ready-made version of the identity on several media and a brief description of the concept
Working concept
If the idea doesn’t suit you completely, I will prepare another version of the identity. If this option does not work, I, unfortunately, could not solve your problem. I have 50% prepayment left, and you have an experience of how it does not suit you
Prepayment 50%
final payment 50%

Logo Design Techniques

18 tricks
I have identified 18 different techniques that can be applied to the design of any logo. It is important to understand your target audience and the essence of your business in order to hit the target as accurately as possible.

Human qualities are no less important than design skills.

Why clients love me
Our cooperation will take place according to a clear work schedule. For complex tasks, I will assemble a team of specialists and supervise them.
If I cannot do something, I will give you a specialist of the required profile. There is no goal to earn all the money in the world - reputation is above all. I love honesty in return.
I meet deadlines and fulfill my obligations to the end. In touch from 9 am to 21:00 Kyiv time (GMT+3).
Environmental friendliness
I do not work with a dubious business that directly or indirectly harms people. I refuse requests to copy someone's work, changing a little detail

Let's discuss your project?

My clients recommend me to their friends and partners

Customer Reviews
100% adherence to deadlines
Find a contractor who knows his business, is ALWAYS in touch, works on time, with an optimal system of payment and settlements, will always tell his opinion and offer solutions, REALIZE any wishes and ideas...
Vladimir Ostapets
Zjivoe Delo
Online training
Excellent specialist in his field
An excellent specialist in his field. After we proposed the terms of reference for the landing, he proposed constructive and significant changes and additions. The design kept in our given style and took into account all the wishes — In general, everything was ..
Anton Gubenko
UX/UI design
The work process is convenient and friendly
Excellent specialist! I ordered a logo and animation for a car service. What I want to say is that there were a lot of people accepting the job (4 people), which complicates the work, since everyone ...
Yakov Zamay
Car service AIVA
Logo animation
Liked the professional approach
I ordered a website for the enterprise, amteh.com.ua. Anatoly offered several options with developed logos, branding, etc. Loved the professional...
UX/UI design
We are happy!!!
We are the Academy of Event Management. And we are happy because Tolya made us an awesome design, a stylish identity. In addition, he helped us with the design of social networks! Thank you and recommend to everyone!
Visual identity
UX/UI design
Anatoly designed the logo and website for me. I was very pleased with the work! Separately, it is worth noting punctuality, organization and responsibility. As a result, I got a wonderful...
Creative designer, at the same time sensitive to wishes
Alexander Ponomarenko
Academy of Event Management
Artem Snitko
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