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Week production

logo development
Video production
Develop a logo for video production that gives the client a finished product within a week
Created on 7 days
логотип для видео продакшн
The concept
The graphic part of the logo consists of 7 elements. Each of the elements is an image of a video play button - PLAY. The number of elements corresponds to the number of days in the week.

In the logo, the color red represents the weekend, which is inherent in each week. And it is also a symbol of the delivery of the finished work to the client. Perhaps even on the sixth day, the client will be able to play a video of his event.

All seven elements form a graphic element similar to a camera shutter
logo video production
логотип для видео продакшена
фирменные цвета для video production
video production
видео production брендинг
айдентика для видео продакшн
видео продакшн
фирменный стиль для видео продакшн
week production
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