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AIVA car service

logo development
SERVICE STATION. Sale of ready-made cars and imports from the U.S. to order, sale of spare parts
Create a minimalistic and understandable to the target audience logo, which would emphasize the main advantages of the company: quality repair, just on time, individual approach, you will be taken care of.
Created on 10 days
Getting Started
In total, I developed 4 logo options based on the data from the completed brief and the results of niche research.
In designing the logo would like to avoid the standard clichés for the car service niche (in the form of signs of the car, divorce keys, etc.), but yet one version of the logo will be with such a sign.
Proposed solutions
Option 1
The sign in the logo has several meanings:
1. Protection from the tires
2. an embodiment of flexibility
3. The central lines look like the curve of a river. This is a metaphor for the waterborne delivery of cars from the U.S.
4. There are 4 elements in the sign, like the number of founders
Option 2
Font logo. Its characteristics.
1. The "i" hide the number "1" as a symbol of leadership
2. the letters are sharp and massive, but flexible in relation to each other. The borders of each letter are parallel to the adjacent ones. The embodiment of the company's flexibility.
3. the dot above the letter i can be well developed in the corporate identity
Option 3
The distinctive feature of this variant is the set letters (small), which in the last 2 years has been very popular. This way the brand seems simpler and closer to people.

I added a graphic element in the form of a crescent wrench as a sign.
Option 4
This version is the strictest and most minimalistic. It consists only of the font part. The font is slightly slanted to the right, which symbolizes the company's desire for growth. The letters are strict, massive with sharp angles. It's as if the logo says, "I'm a pro, I know what I'm doing.
Final Version
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Job Review
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Logo animation
Marketing Specialist, AIVA service station
Yakov Zamay
The work process is convenient and friendly
Great specialist! Ordered the logo + animation for the car service. What I want to say, there were a lot of people who took the job (4 people), which complicates the work, because everyone has his own opinion and taste. But Anatoly brilliantly coped with the task, embodying the wishes of all parties to the order, created a logo that looks cool and memorable from the first time, also has an invented and thought-out nuance that makes a lot of sense to us. The process of interaction in the work is as convenient and friendly as possible. I recommend it!
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