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Logo presentation. Stage 3
New Inputs
1) We like best Option #2 ( https://sakalo.com/la-2 ) - particularly the blue on white background (not so much the white on blue background). Therefore, we'd like to proceed with this one.

2) We would love the logo to also include our teal blue - it could be in the middle layers, so from the center it would start as white, then go to teal, and end with the dark blue (perhaps with a more interim layers, not only 3, but this remains to be seen)

3) We also finally concluded we need a new font. The current one combines round and sharp edges, while we need something that is more balanced, slimmer, simpler, not overly creative (while it also should not be as common as Calibri or Arial, that is the other extreme of the scale of "Overly creative - Boring & uninteresting"). Could you help us find something suitable?

4) Overall, while we are changing the logo, we will stick to the white and teal blue/dark blue as our logo colours.
we take as a basis
Option №2
Variants of signs
Options with varying degrees of detail. 5,6 and 7 elements. Font №1 — Poppins
5 elements
6 elements
7 elements
Variants of fonts
Sign with 5 elements
2. Prompt-Regular
3. Epilogue Medium
4. Sarabun SemiBold
5. Montserrat
6. Red Hat Display Medium
7. Niramit Medium
8. Be Vietnam SemiBold
9. Cambay Regular
10. Mada
11. Manrope
12. Zona Pro Bold
13. Mulish SemiBold
I'm waiting for feedback ;)
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